Depression-What can you do?

After my surgery, I was confident that I could bounce back and try and be my old self again. However, after about 8 months of trying to do it, I was not able to. My doctor at Stanford, Dr. David Liang suggested that I get on some medication for my depression. I went from being a person who played competitive tennis 4-5 days a week to nothing at all. Tennis was my outlet for stress and being a type "a" personality-very competitive.

With really only being able to go for long walks, I decided that I needed to do something. So, with David's help, I am now taking a relatively new drug for depression called "Lexapro" and I take 10 mg tablets once a day. I am taking them around dinner time. They seem to be working as I am not having the highs and lows, rather just a pretty confident feeling-glad to be alive and that I can handle most things with no problem.

I highly recommend this if you are suffering from the depression associated with an arotic dissection or open heart surgery in general. I know it's helping me!
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