Surgeon-Dr. Christopher T. Salerno

This surgeon is highly recommended by David Liang. Apparently he trained at Stanford with Dr. Craig Miller, probably one of the best there is on the planet for treating an aortic dissection.

The contact information for the surgeon at University of Washington, Chris Salerno is attached:

Christopher T. Salerno

Title: M.D.

Institution: University of Washington

Mail: UWMC Suite AA-115, 1959 N.E. Pacific Street

Seattle, WA 98195-6310

United States

Phone: 206-616-3810

Fax: 206-543-0325

Earl Young Award

This resident fellowship is awarded each spring in memory of Dr. Earl G. Young, a longtime clinical professor in the Department of Surgery who was the director of surgical education at Methodist Hospital until his death in 1989.


1991 - Dr. Alfonso L. Velasco

1992 - Dr. Christian T. Campos

1993 - Dr. Chong S. Lee

1994 - Dr. Eric D. Irwin

1995 - Dr. Stephen J. Migliori

1996 - Dr. Joseph R. Leventhal

1997 - Dr. Richard J. Battafarano

1998 - Dr. Timothy J. Kroshus

1999 - Dr. Douglas R. Baldwin

2000 - Dr. Christopher T. Salerno

2001 - Dr. Charles Svendsen

2002 - Dr. Brian C. Grubbs

2003 - Dr. Jonathan D'Cunha
Phone: 206-550-7957
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