My Medications


I am presently taking the following medications for my high blood pressure. Before my AorticDissection, I was not taking anything for my high blood pressure as I never really knew that I had it. However, with both my parents and my grandparents on medication for high blood pressure, it was just a matter of time for me. Here's a great table that shows all the different types of medications. Click here! Here's a website about High Blood Pressure too! Click here!

Here's what I take:
Drug Name Amount Times a Day
Simvastatin 20 mg Once a day
Toporol XL 200 mg Once a day
Lexapro 20 mg Once a day
Mycardias 80/25 80 mg/25mg HCTZ Once a Day
Bayer Aspirin 162 mg (2 at 81mg) Once a Day


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