Personal Stories: Choi


I am a 54 years old man from Hong Kong.

On 7 February 2004, I had sudden severe chest and back pain while at home in the afternoon. My wife immediately dialed '999' and I was admitted to the nearby hospital by ambulance soon after. After CT scan, the doctor told me that I was suffering from Type B Aortic Dissection and I was transferred early next morning to Queen Mary Hospital (which was the major center in Hong Kong for peripheral vascular disease). After consultation, the doctor told me that there was a new treatment (implanting an endovascular graft onto the dissected aorta) for Type B dissection other than traditional medication.

I had the operation on 16 March 2004 after proper control of my blood pressure. The operation was smooth and it was less invasive and pain than expected (only two small incisions over both groins). Up to now I found my recovery is okay and I have started light exercise two weeks ago.

Regular follow-up inspections are required to ensure stability of the graft. First inspection around first 30 days post-operative, at six months and then yearly. I had the follow-up CT scan and x-ray on 23 April and so far conditions are o.k. I shall return office next Monday.

Hope my experience above is useful to you.

Best wishes



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