Personal Stories: Daniel Enriguez


Hi my name is Dan Enriquez, and I am a survivor, so far, of acute type A aortic dissection. On Mothers day 2009, I suddenly was hit with severe chest pain. My vision was impaired to my left eye, and the pain was excruciating.

Paramedics were called and I eventually made it to Kaiser Fontana Hospital. The ER Doctors and nurses were able to determine within one hour my condition, and elected to transport me to a specialist hospital, Loma Linda University Hospital.

I made it there and went in for emergency surgery. Doctor Hasaniya replaced parts of my ascending aorta with dacron tubing and saved my life. Four days later I was released from the hospital and allowed to return home.


Being a patient in recovery has been something else. I have been active all my life and being almost a helpless as a baby takes some getting used to. I just started to do some research into my condition and I have to say that some of the web sites are not to encouraging.

One mentioned 44% survival out to 10 years! But, considering that I almost had 0 years, I'll take 10 years any time, and make the most of it!!!


Thanks for the informative web site, it helped a lot. Continued good health,

Dan Enriquez


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