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Found your website while trying to research more about aortic dissection.  my 35-year-old brother-in-law currently lies in a drug-induced coma, hopefully recovering from surgery to repair an ascending aneurysm.  this is a man who an hour before his surgery was speaking to us with no indication that his condition was deadly.  although we, his family, knew how serious this was, none of us knew exactly how serious until the surgeon informed us after the surgery that he was "a sneeze away" from death, and that he'd never seen such a fatal injury in his 30 years as a surgeon. 


i guess my question to you is, other than taking his recovery slowly and having to gain back strength, what is he facing long-term?  nobody's gone that far ahead to tell us what to expect.  he's an extremely active father of a 7-year-old son, who works as a framer for my husband's construction company.
we've read one story of one man's journey through recovery, but I'm hoping that my brother-in-law's youth could possibly be on his side.
thanks for any info./advice you can provide
he's in Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, NY.  we've just heard from his sister, who's there now, that his blood ox. sat. level just dropped to 84 from 94 and the surgeon---a Dr. Bell-Thomson, has prescribed prednisone.  he's been running a temp. all day, but everything looked great when we were there just 2 hours ago.  his sister's panicking because the nurse seems to be being rather evasive about what's causing all this and what it all means.  waiting on a call from my sister in N. Carolina, who's friends with a Cardiac ICU nurse at Mission Mem. Hosp. in Asheville.


i kind of thought he'd have to find something less strenuous to do.  was hoping his age and relative good health otherwise would be a factor in his favor.
thanks for getting back to me.
his name was Daryl  O'Shea.  we lost him yesterday.  they finally got him off the ventilator yesterday morning, moved him to ICU from the CardioThoracic Unit.  sometime early yesterday afternoon, he went into cardiac arrest and they couldn't get him back.


thank you for your website.  and thank you for your time and interest.
he did have the surgery, on Wed. the 25th.  and the prognosis was that it was successful, then his recovery was up to him.  we needed him to get off the vent.  they spent days trying to figure out why his lungs couldn't pick up where they should.  finally changed the medication they were using to stabilize his blood pressure and thought they'd found the key---seems this medication (don't know what it was) sometimes reacts that way, though rare.


they then decided that Tues. the 31st was time to pull the vent....and they were successful. he was on just a mask and seemed to be doing well.  his mother, father and brother (my husband) had seen him open his eyes for the first time in a week, and he seemed to be aware to a point, though they still had him heavily drugged for pain. 
some time after his parents and my husband left him at 2:30, and some time before i got to ECMC to see him at 4:00, he arrested.


they gave permission for the surgeon to examine him, not only for the cause of his cardiac arrest, but also to try to find out if it was a connective tissue disease that caused the dissection to begin with....if so, my husband, my children, my sister-in-law, and his 7-year-old son will all need to be tested, as it's a genetic disease.
his family is amazing......his mother's faith, incredible.  their circle of friends, family and church family are truly incredible.
we're sure he's safe and happy and at peace---and most importantly, with the Lord.
thank you for listening.....and thank you for your kind thoughts.

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