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The Dr. gave him ,I believe, Demerol, when that didn't work, they decided to give him Morphine for the pain, Don had so much pain, it was hard for him to lay still. They decided to give him a CT scan, while they were waiting for it to come back, they gave him 2 baby asprins and 2 nitro pills,

and then hooked him up to an IV of Heparin.I believe during all this, they were also trying to get his BP down, I remember the bottom number being 108, but I'm not sure what the top number was.

When the CT scan came back with the Aortic Dissection results, they immediately stopped the Heparin IV. The Dr. came in and told him the diagnosis, and that he would have to be life flighted to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburg, Pa. and have surgery to correct it.

When I arrived in Pittsburg and got to the ICU unit, The Drs. there, including the surgeon's, had decided that surgery wasn't an option at that time because the dissection was to close to his spinal cord, and would most likely cause paralysis.

Don was in the hospital for 5 days, until they were able to get his BP under control. He was discharged with instructions to get a BP monitor and to take his BP 3 times a day, along with 600 mg of Labetelol, and was told to stop smoking, limit his alcohol intake to no more than 2 a day, watch his salt intake and no heavy lifting. He was to have another CT scan in 3 months with a follow up with the surgeon from Pittsburg.

On January 11,2005 Don had his CT scan. He was called the next day to have it taken again. He was informed that the dissection

was leaking and was slightly larger. We still don't know the size of his dissection. But, they did mention an aneurysm. We're kind of in the dark here. We can't seem to get answers to our questions. The Drs. all act like it's no big deal? But from what we've read, we think differently.

Don has his follow up appointment this Thursday the 20th of January and we were hoping to find out a few things then.

If you know of anything that might benefit us, please let us know. We will keep you informed.

Thank You, Don & Bert
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