Personal Stories: Eric Sonnie

Hi all my name is Eric, Its been 10 months since my surgery....cant believe its been that long I feel normal except for the 12 inch scar on my chest...Let me get back to the story of my life...It was January 18,2008 and I came home from work. I had 12 people coming over my house cause I was taking all to high school musical on ice and than I was taking a shower and I felt like I was having a heart attack....Being the stud that I told everybody that the show must go on.

On the way there my tongue went numb and it was was time for the Cleveland clinic...I spent the night there and the kids saw the show...thank GOD...My sister is a O.R. nurse and as I was in the room with me she wanted to see my pulse....the doctor thought I was born with a weak pulse and my sister said I should see another doc.

Do I need to continue...On Jan 25th my world went crazy...this day my sister set up with a ultra sound with a great doc at the clinic and I barely remember doc told me to sit in the wheel chair and I'm admitting you to E.R NOW...Holy sh..the entire Cleveland clinic came to my rescue...some saw me the week before and cried, some saw me now and.

I woke up 2 days later with a breathing tube in my throat and life still coming out of is this I thought I'm 38 and in my prime if I was Bret Farve....I went rehab and they were awesome I ran...I lifted weights...I felt like a million bucks....And the saga continues...........I lost my dealership, I lost my wife and all I ever wanted to do is be happy...I try to feel everyday like I am on top of the world,....but I want to just be back to jan.08 when I was invincible.....My name is Eric Sonnie and I have a arotic dissection what do I do now.........My email is somebody tell me................


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