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Hello Brian and All

My husband story is a combination of bad luck and Good luck started at age of 36 which is too early for any heart problem specially it doesn't run in the family.  My husband had some palpitation feeling whenever he played golf. He went to a cardiologist specialist in Pasadena checked him up and told him this is a heat stroke and to drink water whenever he gets the same symptoms and he did some test on him including echo cardiogram.

The echo showed that he had a bad leak in the valve but unfortunately the doctors never checked the reports since he knows us very well needless to say he us to be a faraway relative.  The Doctor never checked the echo cardiogram 3 month later my husband was sitting in our living room watching TV when he felt a bad pain in his leg and arm, I was at work at that time.  Called the nearest hospital and they advised him to drive himself there he did.

My husband was admitted in the ER (the hospital was not equipped with the proper staff to check my husband didn't even know what he had, that was Friday afternoon Sunday Morning my husband was transferred to UCLA in Westwood California where they did and EKG and A TEE test the cardiologist that was in the hospital at that time came out after all the test that needed to be done and that was his exact words

I am sorry we can't do anything for your husband there is all blood all over in side including of the rupture of the valve, but by law we have to operate on him that was in August 2, 1992 they prepared my husband for the surgery he was wheeled in at 7PM because they flew DR Hillel Laks from somewhere in the United states because the chance of my husband survivorship with him doing the surgery goes from 50% to 90% and because of his age to they had to went for DR Laks. 

Needless the say after 3.5 hour the surgery was successful and everything went very well, what we didn't know at the time that the type of Valve that my husband have is the two flap valve that the aorta comes week because of this type of valve. The surgeon repaired two area the arch and he left his own tissue and another lower section and replaced his valve with saint Jude Valve of course at that time they didn't know that the tissue in between become week so in 2002 my husband had gone an MRI and they found an aneurysm in the tissue.

That was left from the first surgery they give him 3 to 6 month if he doesn't do the surgery in January 14 2003 my husband hand undergone his second surgery to repair the aneurysm this time the surgery took 11 hours my husband recovered well and the doctor advise him to drop to the lean weight which is 169 for his height and to walk every day.. 

The bad luck was, we went to Family friend doctor which is big mistake
the 1st hospital that he was admitted didn't know what is going on with him they only where giving him medication to calm him down because he was screaming from pain (which was the dissection of the aorta)
If he doctor had found out from the beginning that his valve was leaking, my husband would have the dissection and he would have only replacement the valve
The Good luck that we had that God was looking over us never left us one minute and he put us in very good hands with the Doctors and the care of UCLA chiefs surgeon Dr. Hillel Laks.  Also Dr. Hillel Laks has a foundation called the Blalock foundation for research we need to push more to have research done to find a cure for the dissection.  If you can donate any funds to his foundation and indicate on the check for research dissection aorta and aneurysm that will be great. 
Sorry my story is very long but I thought giving you all the details and also tell everyone that a minor mistake can turn to a night mare
thank you all

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