Personal Stories: Fred Kania's Son

Hello Brian, I was somewhat relieved today when I talked with you about what happened to my son on July 17th. At about 11.30 am my son Fred warmed up some pizza in the microwave and sat at his desk, seconds later he complained of a jaw pain moving to the back of his neck, At first I thought he might have bitten his tongue or cheek.

He walked around for about 1 minute and asked me to call 911 which I did immediately. In the meantime he went outside to sit on the porch and wait for the ems. He was acting ok, he even took off his bracelet and handed it to me in case he needed an iv I believe. When the ems arrive about 8 minutes after I called, by the way I stated his symptoms to the ems operator which were jaw pain, numbness in right leg etc. Anyway a male ems worker walked up to the porch and asked my son what was wrong.

My son told him the same symptoms I mentioned on the phone. He then asked my son if he could walk to their vehicle. My son said yes he could and proceeded to stand and walk to their vehicle about 50 feet away. I found out later on that he died about a minute later in the ems vehicle. As we discussed earlier, I had talked to about 6 ems workers who all stated that asking him to walk with his symptoms was totally uncalled for.

They tried to revive him for about 20 minutes then told me that they were helping him breathe. We followed their vehicle to the hospital about 1 mile away and arrived at the emergency room at Garden City Mi. I signed a few papers and heard code blue on the pa system, they called our family name and my daughter and I went down a corridor and was approached by an orderly who asked if my son was allergic to any medications.

I told him no and he asked us to wait in this small room, about 20 seconds later 2 Dr's arrived closed the door and told me that my son had passed away. The autopsy report states pericardial tamponade and aortic dissection and cause of death. I would appreciate any input you can give me and will send copies of anything you may need. Again Brian, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Fred Kania



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