Personal Stories: Frederick Vicari

Dear Brian,

I would like to address my experience with Acute type I Aortic Dissection.

It started when I got up from a chair and got a pain in my chest and the middle of my back that caused me to fall to the floor. I had to stay there for an hour before the pain weakened.

I then drove to the hospital ER waited 4 hours and after being seen by the doctor was told I had heart burn and sent home.

For the next 4 days I had pain in my stomach so bad I couldn't go to work.

I went to my primary doctor who also told me to continue to take the heart burn medicine.

On 12-27-02 I went back to the ER they did a Cat Scan then told me I had to be air lifted to Loma Linda for surgery. My surgery was performed on 12-28-02.

Now 2 years later I am told that the aortic has expanded from 4 cm to 5 cm and that 6 cm is the number that will make me have another operation that is 8 hours long and a 50-50 chance of making it.

I have gone to 2 heart surgeons both have told me the only thing that I can do is keep my blood pressure at 115/70 however, the beta blocker I am taking is changing my whole life; my blood pressure is high and low it goes to 145/72 the 118/65.

The doctors haven't given me any method to keep the aortic from expanding and my chances of living five years are 75% and 10 years 40%- 69%.

I don't exercise because My blood pressure goes up.

Life seems to be very hard because of no possible good news.

I just had to get this off chest.

Thanks for the opportunity.


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