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My own case know as Type 1 or (A)

I considered myself fit at 44 & at 95lb not to overweight. I knew I have mild to moderate hypertension & was on medication to keep the BP low.

After a particular heavy weekend of exercise & excess living, I experienced a gradual & growing chest pain, which I thought was a result of my mothers cooking ( don't laugh I genuinely did). Having regurgitated several times the pain continued & began to increase. I didn't think it was a heart attack but then I heard/felt a popping sensation in my chest I realized this was more serious.

A frantic call to my family led to an ambulance at my door within 5 minutes ( luckily I live next door to a hospital); soon after a very knowledgeable Doctor ( who saved my life) diagnosed my condition. 5 hour's later (another hospital, another story) I had my operation, as I went under I remember the surgeon saying "you have a 25% chance of surviving".

They keep you sedated for a couple of days, I think, & the only thing I remember is seeing a light that I began to walk towards. I awoke with a sudden jolt... Nothing can experience you to the emotions of that moment, is it reality, am I alive? I was in tears for several minutes after reality set in.

Its been a tough long hard year & so much has happened I could write a book. But best to say I too am a survivor & working hard to answer many questions. I have seen several cardiac specialists ( there appear to be none that only specialize in aortic dissection so far) & we continue to discuss short & long term management.

I don't have any answers & there is NO miracle cure. I have been seeing a counselor who has made me face up to living with this condition ( I/we have NO choice). I still have questions, below, that come to mind every day, as like everyone else I want to live as long as possible. This year I am getting married so every precious second counts.



Support web sites, societies, clinics, people, communities etc., anything useful

Work - will they keep me employed

What about the future...

Latest research

You continue the list, I am sure there are plenty more

The funny thing is this year the UK government set aside money for screening for this condition, however it wouldn't have mattered as it's for over 60's only... when will they learn it can effect anyone.



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