Personal Stories: Jennifer's Husband-A sad story

Hi my name is Jennifer my story doesn't have a happy ending. My husband past away of a dissecting aortic aneurism in December of 2003.He did not know about it. The last two weeks of his live were horrible. He was in and out of the hospital er and they kept telling him he had kidney stone which come to find out weren't there.

Well a urologist put a stint from his kidney to his bladder and said he did not see stones but left the stint in anyways. The day after my husband became very sick so he went to the er and they told him he had a kidney infection and they were going to keep him and give him fluid and antibiotics. Well that night the nurse called and said they were going to move him because his blood pressure was 205/112 so they were going to move him so they could watch his blood pressure.

Now he has had high blood pressure for 3 years They said they couldn't control it but they never really tried. Anyway the next day I took our baby to see him and the nurse called me when I got home and told me not to bring her back that he had another infection in bowel called C-diff caused by the antibiotics from the kidney infection.

Earlier that day they had taken the stint out a perpetrated his bowel. well at about 10pm I had went up there to stay with him and they wouldn't let me in. They told me to go to the waiting room when I got there his parents were talking to the Doctor and cringe and they said his heart had stopped and they were still working on him..15 minutes later they came back and said there was nothing they could do they tried everything.

Well after that I went in there and he looked nine months pregnant and I didn't understand why! well the day of his funeral the Doctor called and said what he had died from and the reason he looked so big is he ripped from his aorta to his neck down to his groin. it was 3 to 4 feet long.

The doctor said she it was very fare for one so big to someone so young. My husband was 33 and the next thing I knew was I was a 23 year old widow with a 4 month old daughter. Not to mention he had a 8 year old daughter from his first marriage. Still to this day I don't understand why my husband is dead and why they didn't do all the right tests to save him....

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