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Hi Brian,

I finally got set up with my own e mail address. It was so great to hear from someone who experienced what we had.

My operation took 13 hours. I was taken to one hospital on june 14.

Spent appx 14 hrs there and they could not figure out what was wrong, so they took me up to Lenox hill hospital after my son had diagnosed from San Diego's Scripp Hospital.

He was finishing his last year of  internship as an EM doctor. He spoke to my wife from there and told her to get me a CT asap.

I was at Lutheran Hosp,they couldn't do anything there so up I went ...Arrived there and had another CT taken...found the ascending aorta and was operated on that night by a thoracic surgeon who had finished his fellowship appx a year before.......

GOD WAS WITH ME...AND STILL IS ......well I am on my lunch hour and must get back to work.


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