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I am a 57 year old female who was being treated for high blood pressure. My physician prescribed a diurectic and it failed to control my pressure. It continued to climb, and Oct. 13th, I was at my desk and I began to experience a huge pressure in my chest. By the time I reached the emergency room, my b/p was 233/188. It took e doses of nitro i/v to reduce my pressure to within workable limits. They did a chest x-ray and a c/t scan and told me that I had an aortic tear. By this time I was very ill and began vomiting. I was transferred to ICU and was monitored very closely. Each time I was visited by a cardiac specialist, they all gave me the same answer, "You're going to have to take it very easy, and then about early retirement"...

After I returned home, I visited with the thoracic surgeon who told me, do whatever you want to, if this tear was a centimeter larger, I'd do surgery. You should see a cardiologist to see what they say; then have a c/t scan in about 6 months. I visited with a cardiologist there at Scott & White Hospital. (I initially had been at Brackenridge in Austin) who had not even looked at my films and there were many...he said i only needed an echo-cardiogram once a year, but that I needed to take it easy.

I just now visited with another cardiologist who examined me closely and thinks this may be adrenal gland related...I return for more tests in February. He told me to reduce my salt, gave me dietary guidelines...but, still could not provide much exercise guidance, etc. Any suggestions would be helpful. This is a great site and full of information

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