Personal Stories:  Julie Atwell's Mother

It's good to hear that so many people that have good stories to tell about aortic dissection, my story is horrible... My mom was diagnosed with aortic dissection on June 25,2004 a day after her 70th birthday... The hospital chose not to do her surgery until June 28, she died on the operating table.

It has been a horrible nightmare and I hope everyday that wake up the nightmare will be over. She was misdiagnosed on June 4,2004, she lived for 3 weeks not even knowing that she was so sick.

 I wish I could understand more about the disease. The doctors told us from the beginning that she had a 80% chance of living but I have learned since through Brian that those chances were not right.

We are talking to the hospital management and hoping we can get our story out, please keep our family in your prayers, the holidays were very hard.. Our mother was all we had (our father died in 1976). I wished my story could be a happy ending.


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