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I was diagnosed with a distal aortic dissection in November 2000. I developed an aneurism which required surgery in April of 2002. Basically, I had a section of my aorta relaced with a dacron tube/hose.

I am taking 1200 mg of Labetalol and 20 mg of Norvasc a day to control my blood pressure. (Half the dosage in the am and half in the pm )

The BP medicine certainly zaps your energy at times, and my legs get tired/achy quite easily. I can now walk all I want but can only jog a very short distance before my legs give out and begin to tire/burn ache.

I am simply thankful to God to even be here, and am constantly learning to deal with the changes that I have had to make. As many others have commented , it is easy to get depressed. All I have to do is look at others who have not been as fortunate, and I then feel fortunate and blessed.

It took a while for me to regain confidence that I could be active again. I finally came to the conclusion that as long as I didn't get my blood pressure up too much, that I could be moderately active. Now I hike, ride a mountain bike (not aggressively), paddle a canoe, take wildlife photos, etc. I work full time as a dockmaster with my time split between outside physical work (being careful to avoid getting my blood pressure too high) on the docks and with paperwork.

If I can be of assistance to anyone who needs /wishes to discuss anything, contact me.

Thanks Bryan for a terrific site. I am sure this site helps many people.

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