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Brian, this site has been very helpful to my husband and I. Here it goes, In December 2004,my healthy, athletic, non-smoking husband had an acute type A and B aortic dissection. He also had an aortic valve aneurysm. He is only 43, and has mild hypertension diagnosed 5 years ago. He also has a family history of various types of cardio and vascular problems.

After 3 visits to different E.R.rooms, they finally did a cat-scan and found the dissections. He was rushed to Loma Linda University Medical Center, for a life saving surgery, they could not believe he was still alive after being so acutely dissected. During the 6 hour surgery, he had a Bentyll Procedure placed in the ascending aorta, and a titanium valve replaced for the aortic valve. He came out of surgery like a champ and was sent home7 days later.

Since December, it is now June, he has been in and out of the hospital many times for various issues and severe pain. He is dissected from his brachiocypyllic trunk, down is aorta, down thru his lilacs, and into his thighs, and just last week, we were in the hospital again and found out is carotid  arteries are now dissected, but luckily blood flow is great.

We cannot find any answers to really how severe he is, it is like pulling teeth from these "specialists". Have you known about anyone dissected from head to thigh, with a titanium valve? What can we expect? Is there a M.D. out there with some info? He is always in pain, and always tired. We monitor his bp, his diet, but he does not seem to be improving much.

His chest, back, right thigh always seem to be hurting him. He went back to work 3 months after surgery, we thought by now he would be making a little improvement, and none of his doctors are very helpful at all. I am just looking for some hope, we have 3 small children, he is just the best father and husband anyone could wish for. If anyone has any input or a similar story, we would appreciate it. Thank-You,

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