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My Story started @ 2am a morning may 03,I woke up in drenching sweat sick to my stomach, I really thought I ate some bad food after bad nausea my back and neck hurt bad.

(I thought I pulled something from throwing up, went to urgent care the next day, was given meds for back pain and nausea, when the pain meds didn't work and my urine was red I went straight to the ER,original dx was kidney infection and pnemonia.On the third day of tests in the hospital I was rushed up to a critical care unit and the nurse asked me if "id like to see a priest?"

At this point I knew something was pretty grave. I told my primary care md I was getting very scared at the chain of events

The last I remembered was a shot in my left shoulder and waking up 8 days later at a university hospital with my wife holding my hand. when I woke up I wondered what had happened and I found out by looking at my chest under my gown (wow!!)

I have had some minor complications but have other wise recovered (still have type B descending) ,I have a complicated medicine routine but the other alternative isn't good!!!!

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