Personal Stories: Melissa Widner's Father

Please excuse my spelling of medical words. My father went into the ER 50 years old and with no previous health problems. He had chest pain. They done a heart cath. on him and told him everything looked great in his heart and his valves and sent him home and told him it was probably a GI problem and to see his family doctor because his blood pressure was up.


The next day he had a stabbing pain in his chest and called 911. At the hospital the 2nd time they done an ultrasound and said he had gall stones, then they done a CT scan to get a better look at the gall stones and that's when they saw a shadow and said it may be a small tear possibly from the heart cath. They said they wanted to monitor him so they put him in ccu. The next day they came in and said he had a type b aortic dissection of the descending and that this was life threatening.


They said there was no surgery they could do that the body had to heal itself and they would give him pain med's and keep his bp low. His tear was 14 inches long from chest to belly. Then 4 days later he coded. They said this was due to the swelling from the aortic dissection pressing on his lungs. They put him on the vent. One of his kidneys stopped, his bowels stopped and he developed an elius. His right leg that they put the cath. in was cold and not moving. He developed a temp. and they said he has phenomena. Then his kidneys started back working, his swelling went away, they got his bp under control with med.'s they started feeding him thru a tube in his nose that they once was using to suck out his stomach.


He would respond to us by shaking his head or squeezing our hands. Everything seemed to be doing great. His 14th day on the vent he was only getting 2 breaths per minute and was doing great. The nurse was waiting for the doctor to come in a take him of the vent. They turned him as they had been doing all along while they were waiting on the doctor and at that moment he mouthed with the vent still in I can't breathe grabbed his stomach and coded again and this time they were unable to bring him back. We are still waiting on the autopsy results.


How can a man with no health problems, 50 and still working installing carpet go from that to this over night? Could the heart cath. have caused the tear in the aorta? Could his chest pains have been gall stones the first time he went to the ER and they missed that for a heart attack and done the heart cath. and that caused the tear? Please I need answers.


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