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Dear Brian,

My name is Mike.  My daughter was scheduled to be married on Nov 13, 2004, to a wonderful young man and for six months we planned.  I am a contractor and install fiberglass swimming pools and decks and was "under the gun" to complete an installation by Nov 11 so as to prepare for the wedding.   So, after putting in a hard days work to finish, I arrived home with a severe back pain which could have been spinal, muscular, or other since I'm 54. 

I suffered through a beautiful wedding, and went to a general practitioner on the Monday following.  No kidney infection or stone as I suspected.   Since overdue for colon check, had that done.  Okay. Prostate, okay. Went to primary care DR.  Guess what finally showed up in CT abdominal scan? Yep, aortic dissection at the lower left side of diaphragm. 

I'm still working, know how lucky I am since reading your web site, and am in the process of having CT chest scan and visit to cardio vascular specialist.  Since my primary care Dr was reluctant to discuss seriousness of situation,  I so very much thank you for taking the time to share your experience.   I think I know what to look for and what to do if situation becomes life=threatening  (911).   Will email you soon when I get prognosis.  Guess I'm a lucky guy in certain respects.   Trust you are well and playing tennis!

Mike Hott

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