Personal Stories: Pamela Cherry

Hi! I am a 53 year-old black female, who became the victim of an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture.

My doctor, J.R. fiekes, M.D. said that I renewed his faith with my recovery. I woke up August 21, 2003 with a chest pain that beats all (crushing).

I tried to get up, but my right leg didn't work. I knew then that something serious had happen. I dialed 911 immediately.

I remember the ambulance ride and nothing until I woke up two weeks later in CICU. It's almost a year since my surgery and I feel that I will never be the person I was.

I am afraid to do anything but walking. I take 12 prescriptions per day. I have been told that my dissection is chronic, which led me to disability.

I just wish my stamina would improve. I feel that the Lord has something for me yet to do. I am truly blessed.

Pamela in Las Vegas

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