Personal Stories: Patricia Ingersoll

I was diagnosed with a type B aortic dissection on May 10, 2003, two days after my 58th birthday, after having sever chest and back pain. I was lucky that there was a young doctor in the emergency room, and after 6 hours and lots of pain medication, she finally sent me to have a CT scan, everyone else thought it was a heart attach. I was in ICU for 4 days and in the hospital for a week.

My dissection goes from just  outside my heart, down into my left leg. I am being treated with medication to keep my blood pressure down. I have a CT scan every 6 months and visit the doctors every 3 months. They haven't really told me a lot, only that there hasn't been enough cases to determine how long I have. I was glad to find your web site and read that there are other people who are surviving.

After my attach I found out that 2 aunts, my grandfather and and uncle died from an aortic dissection. My older brother had a section replaced when it feel apart while having bypass surgery. No one told me that this was hereditary.

I would like to communicate with someone who is being treated with medication, to find out if what I am going through is normal for this condition. I am tired all the time, have trouble sleeping at night and  just doing the every day things, that use to be effortless.

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