Personal Stories: Paul Caputi


Hello, my name is Paul Caputi and I have marfans. On Dec 22, 1999 I woke up with a bad back and chest pains it felt like someone was tighting my chest with a belt. I went to the hospital, one of the Doctors want to send me home with some muscle relaxers.

This one Doctor want to run one test he already knew I had marfans. He put me on a cat scan and found the tear. I got life flight to umass Worcestor, in Mass. after two weeks of being there take blood pressure meds. On Dec 30,1999. I told one of the nurses that I did not go to the bathroom all day and I was drinking water like a fish.

They put in a catheter and I still didn't go. The Doctors rushed me to the cat scan, and they found that the tear ripped to my kidneys and was blocking them. At that time they gave me, my last rights while they life flighted me to Mass General Hospital where Dr. Richard Cambria saved my life by repairing the tear.

In 2002 of March I went to New England Medical and had the anueseym repaired. Just this March 2, 2005 I two anueseyms removed in my left groin {iliac}. Back in 1995 I had a abdominal aueseyms removed. I still will not let this syndrome beat me. I am not dead yet and that's is how I live, I coach my stepson in football and in basketball. thank for you time and god bless.

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