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Hello Brian, I will briefly tell you my story:


It was the day after thanks giving 1994 I was 31 years old at that time on that day I had my supper [Indian food] and sat on my couch to watch TV, all of a sudden I felt like a sharp knife going thru my chest I kneeled down to the floor and held my chest  my wife quickly came to me and walked me to the bed room, I told her I have severe chest pain. so she called 911 within few minutes the ambulance came and took me the hospital [one of the worst hospitals in NY St. Claire's on 52 St.] I was taken to the ER my vital signs were normal EKG was normal at this time I was screaming from pain, now the pain was radiating to my by back. then they took a ray now it was past mid night started to scream  then they gave me a pain killer for the pain the next morning the stupid doctors [DR Joann Harrison, and DR  amir sitafalwalla] told me I had indigestion since the last thing I did was have Indian food. I was told to eat Jell-O and if the pain comes back take Tylenol before being discharge I told them I am still in pain, and they told me it was normal.

I am self employed. so I rested that day and next day went to work  I took Tylenol every 4 hors around 4 PM I couldn't work so I went home and went to sleep, couldn't sleep took more Tylenol, next morning my wife suggested  we go to a different hospital. I agreed and we went to Beth Israel  in NY they admit write away  within few hours I was asked to go for a cat scan and from the results the told me I have type b aortic dissection extending up to my abdomen. I was there for few days  for observation  and finally they decided to perform surgery on me  after the surgery I went in to a coma  I woke up after 3 weeks little by little  I came conscious  I was in the ICU for 3 months  what a great surgeon DR Robert tranbaugh and his nursing team  thanks to them I am alive today !!!  after the hospital I had go for rehab  for a month learn walk  talk eat like a kid, then I came home  every thing was OK until last month August, on my annual mri they found an another aneurysm  below the first dacron graft. on my first surgery I wasn't  scared  at all but this time I scared  I don't know what to do .


thank you for reading 


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