Personal Stories: Rick Tomasinski

Came across your site via Google as I was looking for information on the Aorta.

I have read the personal stories and noticed that most have had an operation although my doctor informs me that many are treated with medicine to control blood pressure.

I had my aortic dissection on April 4 ,2004 and was rushed to our acute care hospital in Melbourne Vic, Aust by air ambulance.

To my surprise when I came to was that I did not have an operation to fix this dissection, but was advised that we need to control my blood pressure and have been prescribed just about every blood pressure tablet ever made.

Currently I am finding that the blood flow to my right leg has been compromised and my Vascular doctor says we need to monitor this over a period of time.

At present I feel that I am just waiting for the big event to happen ……………is this part of depression or do others feel this early in their recovery……….I don’t know what to think.


Sorry if my story seems a bit over the place.

 Rick Tomasinski

 20 Cross,s Road

Traralgon, Vic



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