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I was indeed very pleased to have come across your site which happened accidentally while I was looking for information on ascending aorta dissection.  Although I am 77, I am quite new to heart and artery problems.  It all happened on the 3rd of February when I got a severe pain starting in the upper part of my neck piercing to the back and extending to both the front and back of my chest. 


I was rushed into hospital where preliminary examinations in the emergency room revealed almost nothing wrong and was put under observation for another 48 hours.  The pain had subsided and I felt reasonably normal.  On the 5th I was taken for a CT which revealed a dissection in the ascending and arch part of the aorta, but the doctors indicated that this could be treated by beta block medication and did not really suggest surgery.  Most of the staff in that hospital were either school friends or friends and the hospital director suggested that we should consider surgery. 


The argument against surgery from the part of the vascular surgeon was that there was a clot of blood formed and that it eventually built up against a protection against internal hemorrhage.  Out of complete coincidence and I should say luck, Dr. Hazim Safi himself was, at that time, visiting Cairo.  Dr. Safiís decision was that a surgery was needed and that the clot was not sufficient safeguard and my life could be in danger.  The operation took place on the 9th of February for:

1. Resection and graft replacement of the ascending aorta using a 30 mm woven Dacron tube graft.

2. Resuspension of the aortic valve utilizing cardiopulmonary bypass and moderate hypothermia.


I was hospitalized for two weeks thereafter and was put on Cordaron to stable heart beat and was in reasonably fit condition to be discharged.  My problem during hospitalization was that as a result of an old polio and total knee and hip replacement on my right leg, I had to use crutches which, on account of my chest incision had to be in bed most of the time. 


I was recommended a CT scan one month from surgery and at an interval of 3 months thereafter during the first year.  At home, I started moving around using my crutches 6 weeks from operation and I am now recovering slowly, but would like the answer to the following questions:

1. Since the operation, I now have numbness in the inner thigh of my right leg.

2. Tingling sensation in my right palm and sometimes shooting pain in my arm.

3. Shortness of breath but improving

4. I was on Adrenal Proplonolol which gave me dry cough for about a month and then disappeared.  I made a refill 3 weeks ago of Proplonolol hydrochloride and the coughing is back.


Admittedly there is a change of brand since the first batch was from Vienna and the second batch I got from New York.  All in all, I consider myself very lucky and hopefully the CT which is due tomorrow will prove that all is well.


Thanks Brian for giving me all these valuable information, since I would have no means of otherwise reaching it.


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