Personal Stories: Sandra Valek

My name is Sandy, on nov.27th 1999,I was outside watching my neighbors putting their Christmas lights up. when a man on the corner fell of his ladder. I ran down there to see , he was ok.

Then I came home to a bite to eat, when suddenly pain through my chest ,it felt like a sludge hammer in my back ,then my chest started crushing in, then my arms started to have a lot of pain too, plus my blood pressure was out of sight.

So my husband called 911 while they were on their way ,he found a nitro pill that brought my blood pressure back. they took me to the hospital ,and they said that I did not have heart attack, so I had act scan ,my aorta had torn 12 inches long inside ,from my collarbone to my kidneys so the dr. put me on 10 blood pressure pills a day to build up scare tissue inside .

They did not do surgery because I might be paralyzed or die too. I have had about 15 ct scans since it happened. I went to my heart doctor yesterday, she that everything was fine, plus I had blood test too. I see my dr. every 6 months. I see her in Sept, then I will have a ct. scan. I only can lift 10 pounds plus not to overdo it too.

As long my blood pressure stays low and my cholesterol is low too. I have very good doctor, she stays in there with you about 40 minutes. she you good too. I am 61 .


Sandy Valek


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