Personal Stories: Susan Guidiot

Dear Brian:


My name is Susan Guidot.  I enjoyed your articles on aorticdissection.on Jan 21 I went to work fine the next morning I yelled for help was taken to one hospital were I was diagnose and flown to the university of MI with a team of doc, went right into surgery to stabilize me as the aortic ripped all the way down it shut all my organs down.


I had stents put in to get my kidneys and liver going ,two days latter i had surgery, they had to replace the whole top portion of the aorta repaired the valve and two stents in two arteries, plus two days later they had to remove fluid from my heart.


The Good Lord was watching that day. my BP is still out of control but with the meds its coming down. I don't know what caused it any information you can give so I can understand it all. still of work.


I still have anxiety no one seems to understand, thank you for listening!

Susan Guidot


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