Personal Stories: Terry Lane told by his brother Leonard

My doctor advised my only brother, Terry, to see a doctor. Terry, a commercial pilot, scheduled an appointment on March 21, 2006. He and his wife went to the appointment in the small Ohio town of Wilmington. Tests, including a CT scan, revealed a ascending aortic dissection, similar to mine! He was sent to the local hospital's emergency room.

From there he was sent by ambulance to the Dayton, Ohio heart center. Doctors there determined that he was stable and suggested he go to The Cleveland Clinic. So, that night, he was transported by helicopter to Cleveland, Ohio.

My father and I flew from Houston to Cleveland the next morning to join Terry and his wife at the hospital. Surgery was performed the next day, Friday. In addition to repairing the dissection, they performed a single heart by-pass. Terry is recovering now and is in good condition, considering.

Fortunately, he never experienced the typical symptoms of aortic dissection. He and I are both doing well and happy to be alive!

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