Personal Stories: Thomasina McCain

Thank you so very much.  I am the person about whom the questions were asked.  Two years ago I had a very sharp chest pain....thought about it for a few minutes and then thought it would be wise to call medics.  Went to emergency.  Doctor had ekg done at bedside. I felt fine but was kept overnight. 

Recently I had chest x-ray which excited the person who took it....he called radiologist.  They couldn't believe I was not in pain. Called my admitting doctor (lung specialist).  CAT (?) was done twice.  I was admitted to hospital (even though I felt fine).  Thoracic doctor checked me out and could not believe I didn't have pain anywhere.  Explained I had a very long dissected aorta@ 5mm. Echo=cardiogram was done.

My primary doctor was very concerned....she has been trying different medications to get my blood pressure down.  On my initial visit to her after this,  she said it was their fault that the records of the incident of my chest pain  two years ago were overlooked or they might have known that is when the aneurysm occurred and that is why I am not having pain now. 

She said it was old and stabilized. She gave me medication to lower blood pressure which contains a diuretic and also I was given something to slow the pressure of the heart pumping the blood out.  I told all 4 doctors that I had several very heavy nosebleeds just before going in for the routine chest xray.  I was told it was not related. 

The nose bleeds continued for 5 weeks....they happened with no warning......and lo, after increasing the 2 medicine dosages, the bleeds subsided and stopped altogether. (I am not medically educated but I still feel the bleeds were the result of the blood pressure....I have no sinus or other nose structure problems.)

Thank you for listening to all this.  I feel as though some help ......or education, should be given to me that isn't.  So I am so grateful to have found you, Brian,  and appreciate that your friend David is so willing to work with people like me.  I am probably older than your Grandmothers so take special pride in hearing from you.

Thank you again, you both have been so helpful. 



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