Personal Stories: Tiffany Nuanez

My name is Ronda Nuanez. My daughter Tiffany Nuanez aorta dissected after giving birth to her son Aston 8/30/03. She has a type B. She was scheduled to have her descending aorta replaced. When the doc. put a probe down into her to monitor the surgery, they found that her ascending aorta, aorta root and aortic valve were all bad.


The valve was leaking severely and the root and aorta was enlarged. They decided to reschedule and replace the all of the above on 2/8/06. On that morning due to the valve leakage, she went into congested heart failure. She was rushed to surgery and I was told that they were going to do everything for her. She made it, though a few days later they had to open her back up and remove blood from around her heart and a pocket of blood that pressing against one of her lungs.


She is recovering and still has lots of pain especially in her back. I was told by her surgeon that was because her type B dissection was 5.5. She will be back in earlier April to replace the descending.


I'm really worried about the complications such as paralysis. Anyone in this page every had their descending aorta replaced? We would really like a feed back. Also, any females out there that have Marfan Syndrome, please DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN, it is very dangerous.


We were told that by her docs. at the time when she was younger that they did not believe that she had Marfan Syndrome and that she could have all the babies in the world, if there is any doubt, please do not have a baby. Thanks for reading and hope someone replies.


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